Saturday, 2 March 2013


'Think Like A Pony' by Lynn Henry
'Natural' by Pat Parelli
'Dancing with Horses' by Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling
'The Horse Seeks Me' by Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling
‘Horses Never Lie’ by Mark Rashid’
‘Considering the Horse’ by Mark Rashid’
‘Life Lessons From a Ranch ’ by Mark Rashid’
‘A Good Horse is Never a Bad Colour ’ by Mark Rashid’
‘Horsemanship Through Life ’ by Mark Rashid’
'The Natural Horse' by Jamie Jackson
'The Horse Owners Guide to Natural Hoof Care' by Jaime Jackson
'Perfect Manners' by Kelly Marks
'Unlock Your Horses Talent' by Richard Maxwell and Johanna Sharples
'Think Like Your Horse' by Michael Peace & Lesley Bayley
‘The Organic Horse’ by Peter Gray
‘Keeping a Horse the Natural Way’ by Jo Bird
‘A Healthy Horse the Natural Way’ by Catherine Bird
‘Natural Horse Care’ by Pat Coleby
'The Truth About Feeding Your Horse' by Clare MacLeod
'The Art & Science of Clicker Training for Horses' by Ben Hart
'Revealing Your Hidden Horse' by Mark Hanson